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 Yamamaya (DONE)

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古明地 さとり


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PostSubject: Yamamaya (DONE)   Sat May 10, 2014 5:32 pm

Name: Yamamaya

Age: 427


Animal Form: Satori

Weapon: Meh.

Appearance: Yamamaya's hair is black, she has 2 decayed roses on the right side of her hair and her eyes are gray. Yamamaya has a white sleeved waistcoat with buttons and a ribbon on top. At the end of the sleeves she wears 2 (belts?) and has black leather gauntlets. She has a black skirt with a white border and a big ribbon on her back. Yamamaya wears black boots with silver buckles. She stands 64' inches high and weighs 131 pounds.

Personality: Yamamaya is calm and interested in DWMA. She normally acts anonymous among other witches and prefers peace and quiet. Yamamaya is not usually seen interacting with anyone else but animals. She tends to act devoted towards animals. Yamamaya does not like it when someone steals her spell
books... If she finds out you did, she hunts you down... Her personality can be simple, Yamamaya may actually talk to people.
She occasionally goes back to the witch world to talk with the witches and sell more spell books, which is probably during festivals... Yamamaya has nothing against being hunted, but would regret being a innocent victim... She doesn't like to think about it.

Likes: Conviction, Alchemy, Magic, Sushi, Confusing people.

Dislikes: Heavy foods, Alcohol, Idiots.

History: Yamamaya was born a very strong witch. Her IQ and magic advanced quickly. She started sharing her knowledge with other witches and creating spell books. Witches we're interested in her spell patterns. Yamamaya never really went out into the real world until her 400s. When she went out into the world, it was always Japan. There, she could get inspiration for spells and present her white magic to the religious inhabitants.  
She was really harmless, and a lot of people knew that. Yamamaya hid her identity through a incredibly strong spell, allowing her to stay in japan for about the rest of her life. She currently lives in Japan and is still researching the environment to create spells.

Dream Maiden - 5 rune circles are placed on the ground. They emit sharp, blue or purple crystals.
Great Tengu's Wind Blade - The wind gets intense. Yamamaya Sends sharp kunais at her opponent(s).
Wind Shatter - Glass kunais get flung at the opponent(s). When they hit something, they shatter.
Demon Sickle - Purple illuminated sickle blades spin in midair. After spinning, they lunge at the opponent(s).
Willow Fracture - Advance Soul Protect.
Dream Sonata - Creates a cloud of smoke.
Tempest Essence - Mini tornadoes. Blows sharp leaves everywhere, too.
Hell Essence - Mini volcanoes. Spreads hot rocks everywhere.
Freeze Essence - Icicles~
Shade Essence - Dims the opponent's(s') sight. Doesn't last long.
Shock Essence - Just the use of electricity.

Other: Other: Other: Other: Other: Other:

Have you read the rules?
Let's go Soul Resonance.


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PostSubject: Re: Yamamaya (DONE)   Sat May 10, 2014 8:33 pm

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Yamamaya (DONE)
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