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 Shizukera Sozoshii

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PostSubject: Shizukera Sozoshii   Wed May 07, 2014 11:06 pm

[img]Insert Picture here then remove the * from the code.[*/img]
Name: Shizukera Sozoshii
Age: 35 years
Gender: Woman

Weapon: Kubikiribōchō (首斬り包丁; Literally meaning "Decapitating Carving Knife")- A massive broadsword shaped like a giant butcher knife.The blade itself has two cut outs, a circle close to the top and a semi-circular one nearer the handle, that aptly fit the sword's purpose of decapitation.The latter notch allows a strap to be wrapped around the weapon, making it easier for the user to carry. Its extremely long handle is also detachable to further aid transportation and then reattached when required for combat.It should be noted that the blade is quite heavy,making it very hard to use if the wielder does not have enough muscle. Click here for how it looks

Appearance: Shizukera is a very imposing woman.Standing at 8 feet and 4 inches,Shizukera already towers over most.She wears a dark blue hakama along with dark gray tabi and normal geta sandels.As for her upper torso,she wears intricantly wrapped bandages,starting at her waist and going up until her collarbone.Her breasts are DD cup due to her age.She has notable muscles which is decorated with scars of battle.She wears a hannya mask with its horns,eyes,and teeth colored black and its face colored white.Behind her mask is a surprising beautiful face.She has a shiny eyes whose color is silver.Her other eye is a fake eye made entirely of gold,thus,has no real features.Three large scars run along that area.She has long,shiny back hair that goes down to her shoulders and between her shoulderblades is a tattoo of a silver asian dragon.

Personality: Shizukera is quite enthusiatic, serious, self-disciplined, humble, and also very stern when needed.As stern and serious as he can be, Shizukera is nonetheless enthusiastic in the nature of competition, being a spirited and modest good sport at heart. Her approach is silent and calm, evocative of "zen" principles, and she often shares insightful (if not also blunt and critical) advice and wisdoms to that effect.Despite her wisdom,she is a heavy drinker and commonly drinks alchohol,even during training.She is also rather open to  dateing,despite her age,and would even go on dates with teenagers so long if she has fun.

She is not dimwitted,however,and knows if the risks are to great,she will simply restrain herself.She is also rather trustworthy and understanding,often acting like a mother or grandmother to some.In battle,she becomes very brutal,ruthless,and seemingly fearsome,escpecially with her sword.She seems to be also very strong,as she is able to hold it and use it for hours without tiring.She also meditates and constantly trains her body spiritually,mentally,and physically.She is also somewhat perverted,sometimes spying on her students when they bathe.

Likes: Sparring,noodles,sleeping,potato chips,meditating,training

Dislikes: Bitter food,idiots,abusers,rapists,corruption

History: Shizukera Sozoshii was the daughter of Chikara Sozoshii,a old yet legendary man in the martial arts world.Chikara was married for 16 years until his wife,Omo Sozoshii,died of illness,leaving him with his toddler daughter.Though now alone,Chikara proved to be a very loving father.He taught Shizukera basic education and taught her his own secret style of fighting,Senshi ten no kobushi.Shizukera loved training and learning with her father,thus giving her current personality.At age 16,Chikara thought his daughter was strong enough to roam the world and begin her life.He let her go on her journey and still resides in his little house in the forest.Shizukera wandered the world,from Japan,to North American,to Australia.

She learned from her experiences and grew knowledgable and stronger.She began to study Ki(Life energy/One's soul) in-deph and began training in that field,often meditating for weeks at a time and nearly dieing of starvation.This training went on for 19 years until she mastered the art,or atleast part of it,and developed the 'Rasengan', a rather large feat for someone so young.However,she theorized that greater feats can be achieved if used during Soul Resonance.Soon,deciding to settle down for a moment and went back to America,specifically to Death City,and opened up a dojo.There,her sword is held up on a mantle.


Chikara is still alive.

Rasengan: The compacted nature and moving speed of the soul energy allows the Rasengan to grind into whatever it comes in contact with to inflict major damage. This tends to launch the target spiralling backward after being hit or, if the target is lying on the ground or being launched to the ground, the destructive force is enough to form a crater.It was made by focusing one's soul energy into their palm and compacting it.Once it hits the target,it'll slowly enter the user's body andd reattach to their soul.However,it does require pure stamina to do this.Shizukera is able to use this 3 times in a thread before having to rest to use it again.(Resting period is 2 pages).

Giant Rasengan/Big Ball Rasengan: A technique with pre-eminent destructive power, caused by wildly spinning soul energy inside one's palm and compressing it to a high density — the Rasengan. Using the same essentials, but also rapidly increasing the amount of energy used, results in the Big Ball Rasengan.Compressed to an even higher density than before, the energy is released all at once as soon as the technique hits the target, releasing an extraordinary destructive power. Proportional to this power, the amount of pure endurance and stamina it consumes is also extraordinary.Due to this,Shizukera is only able to do this when resonating with someone,due to the fact it will take and distripute the effort needed to both of them,making it much easier to do.However,it can only be used one time in the entire thread.If attempted to be used a second time in a row,Shizukera's heart will give out due to exhaustion and she will die.

She is a master at the secret art of Senshi ten no kobushi,adept in the Drunken Fist style(which she uses when she is drunk),and has enough knowledge on karate to be able to train it.

Have you read the rules?
Let's go Soul Resonance!!

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PostSubject: Re: Shizukera Sozoshii   Sun May 11, 2014 5:24 pm


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Shizukera Sozoshii
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