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 Harriet Pirtuy (WIP)

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PostSubject: Harriet Pirtuy (WIP)   Mon May 05, 2014 11:15 pm

Name: Harriet Pirtuy
Age: 39
Gender: Female
Weapon Form:Harriet's weapon form is not just any weapon form. It's a frying pan! The handle of the pan is rubber and green with a darker, forest green jewel embedded in the top. The pan itself is an even deeper green that seems to be really really thick. In a distant range, the center of the pan will separate and raise up to reveal a small opening. Out of this opening, Harriet can shoot wavelength shots that look somewhat like waffles or pancakes. When they hit an opponent, they will burn. Also, the pan itself can separate on a hinge away from the handle and reveal a larger, rounder opening. Out of this, she can shoot egg-shaped shots that explode on impact. When a Melee battle, whopping somebody upside the head with it works just fine.

She can not turn parts of her body into her weapon form, so she carries a small frying pan around the strap of her apron.
Miester: N/A
Appearance: Harriet is a short woman standing 4'4". Despite her height, she's a large woman. Her weight sits around 400 lbs. and she has a large waistband. The clothes on her back consist of a baby blue undershirt with a white, stained apron over it. Her pants are dark grey.

Harriet's facial features consist of neon green/yellow eyes that are always bright and cheery with what seems to be a consistent smile on her face. Covering that smile are purely large, red lips. Her hair is usually in a hair net and light brown in color.
Personality: Protecting the DWMA is Harriet's life goal. Well.....the kitchen especially. Harriet works as the chef and has been working as the chef for a few years. She hasn't seen a lot of action which makes her unable to fight professionally. She may throw a few punches and kicks, but she isn't trained. Cooking her special recipe and keeping it hidden has been keeping her too busy.

By golly, everybody knows she's almost always smiling. Even her cheeks have become so rosy and red from all of it. The gentle tone of her voice adds on to it. She's always comforting the students coming in ready to eat all of her delicious food. "Best in the country" some have said.

Cooking cooking cooking! Busy busy busy! Harriet always has to make sure she's made enough food for everybody. And when she doesn't have a specific food needing to be made, she cooks deserts and other snacks just for the heck of it; humming, singing, and dancing all the way around the kitchen.

Speaking to the students visiting her keeps her great company when she's busy or when she's bored.

Cooking! Have I not said it before?

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Harriet Pirtuy (WIP)
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