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 Crotic Zarria

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Rebellious Nurse Crotic

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PostSubject: Crotic Zarria   Mon May 05, 2014 7:55 pm

Img will come soon

Name: Crotic Zarria

Age: 29

Gender: Male

Weapon: At the moment he doesn't have a weapon like Dark or Demon but he does have a tomahawk and dagger.

Tomahawk: This tomahawk is like that of a regular tomahawk, it's blade is steel and painted black with a red outline around it. The handle is black and has a red ribbon wrapped around it's bottom, this ribbon is useally connected to Crotics wrist. This feature allows him to get his tomahawk back if thrown at a target, the tomahawks fornt is heavier then the handle so that it can go in a straight line towards a target instead of going wildly aorund in rolls. The tomahawk has jagged cuts in it's blade so that he can catch swords and knifes when they are swung at him. This allows him to strike in the little time the blade is stuck in tomahawk.


((Got this from a rich guys body))

Appearence: Crotic is a tall, very pale skinned man. He is 7'3 in height his face can't really be seen behind a mask that he always wears. This mask is nothing to special, it's red with horns and with black slits where the eyes should be seen, this with the mouth gives it the expression of joy, as for the mouth it is cut so that it appears to be smileing ear to ear and have jagged sharp teeth. Sometimes the mouth will move with his facial expressions when he talks. He has black hair that is unkept and reaches down to his shoulders, sometimes it can be seen tied in a pony tail. He normally has a hood over his head though. The hoodie he wears is black with red jagged markings all over it, the back of his hoodie is a picture demonic wings with cuts and tears in them. His pants are black jeans that are well kept, he carries a golden pocket watch in his back pocket the chain sticking out. His shoes are black just plain black with red soles and red bottoms to them, he wears black fingerless gloves. His nails are long and painted black, his eyes under his mask are a pure silver and are actually very amazing looking, his nose is a pointed sharp but small nose. His mouth has jagged teeth that are razor sharp like that of a sharks, but he can change them back to normal teeth. He doesn't really have a beard or mustache but he has hair on his face were they would be are stubs of hair everywhere. His eyebrows are thick and slick, though they are bigger than average they arn't way too big, they are only a bit bigger than the normal brows. His smile always reaches ear to ear whenever you see it and has a very sadistic look to it no matter what you know about him or how good you know his personality.

Personality: Some say he can be rude and obnoxious but he doesn't think so, there just jealous of his looks ays he says. He's mischievous and if your near him you should suspect some trickery cause thats just him playing around with you. He really wants someone he can feel close to and that he can love but...no one has taken the time to be kind to him. He's very friendly when he wants to be, though it is not all the time that he is kind.  He is sulky and alwas seems sad, cause well he is always sad. He is sadistic at tiems but sometimes he is just sad and tries to be kind but scares everyone away or they try to kill him.

His mask
Sharp items
((Two of these are not like the other))

Love doves
Loud noises
Platypus((what the hell are they! A duck or beaver?!))
Ophidia((ive always disliked her......no telling ○~○))

Crotic was a troubled child when he was growing up, his family was abusive and hateful. Everyday his father would come home drunk and beat him cause he did something that never did happen. Crotic was a very sad child, he used to dream of being a meister of DMWA academy. He was so jealous of them all and one day he wanted to be just like them. One day while walking home he found a mask, this mask was awesome to him and he instantly put it on and rushed home to hide it in his room. At the steps of the house his father was waiting for him, he was of course drunk and began beating Crotic. For some reason he couldn't feel the pain, all he could feel was blood lust, he attacked his father and began to brutally beat him to a pulp blood splattering against his mas kwith every hit he landed on his fathers face.

When he had killed his father, the small orb that was his soul floated before him, he instantly ate it his mask doing it before he could even react. He felt weird after that, he felt powerful liek he was immune to whatever came his way. He killed his mother and ate her soul then left the house with a tomahawk and dagger traveling alone and deadly for the rest of his life. He would continue to kill for his mask would force him to but he still wanted to be a meister even though it was to late for him.

Level 1
AbilitiesDescription# of souls  contributed to  the ability
NightmareCrotic seems to do nothing but poke you but this really starts the curse. Like Freddy from nightmare on elm street he will haunt your dreams. Causeing you to have little to no sleep and makeing them becoem paranoid, this can be cured if Crotic fixes it for you but if he dies then there is no way to fix it.20
Call LuluThis move makes a large hell hound appear. This creature will serve him till she is not needed anymore. When not needed she simply vanishes into thin air.15
Fear GasThis gas is toxic and will make the target see it's greatest fears, how is it goes deep into there brain and fishes out all of their fears makeing them think they see their fears but really they don't. This can be broken if their will is strong and they overcome their fears. This is like the disease it's a puff of gas that if inhaled will work it's affetcs but if not it wills simply vanish so i hope you can hold your breath.15
Soul ChainsThis move makes the opponents soul slow them down makeing their attacks slow and there reactions slow. They will have trouble moveing and will often cough up blood if they push themselves to the limit, the only weay to reverse it's affects is to be quite the strong opponent. This can be dodged for before it happens a beam that looks liek a red chain will shoot out of his palm.25
SwarmHe calls apon a swarm of locusts or bee's that will attack you if you get in there paths. They can be a pain to kill but they will not cause alot of damage though still they are a threat.15
SicknessHis opponent becomes sick, dizzy and confused. They will throw up on occasions or even forget how to move. This wil wear off after 4 posts though, the sickness comes out as a small puff of wind and if not inhaled will quickly go away.25

Level 2
AbilitiesDescription# of souls  contributed to  the ability
Sleep GasThis makes the target become drowsy, they want to go to sleep and their body slows down. They can dodge and or break this hold by either, not breathing in the gas or forcing one's self to not sleep. This move is mostly used for nightmare to take place after it happens.40
ChaosThis fills everyone with a sudden urge to fight and kill who ever they see, it's as hex like Calm and only can be affective on people close by him ((Like on Skyrim)). He uses this when he doesn't want to bother much with foes.40
InvisibiltyThis is the all natural make dissappearing trick that the user can use to assassinate or just plain on escape from people that are attacking them. The down part is that if he is either hit, opens a door or other item, or attacks the invisibility will go down.35
Soul ParalyzeThis is the second level to soul chains, now the foe can hardly move when ever they try it is painful. This like soul chains is shot out of his aplm but now as a beam of lightning it can be dodged.49
TeleportCrotic can now teleport to any location that is in front of his sight, if it is not in his sight he can't teleport to that area. This move is instant when teleporting to a certain place and objects he wants to follow him follows him when he teleports to said area. The down fall to this ability is that if blindfolded or simply not able to see, he would not be able to teleport. When teleporting whilst invisible the invisibility wears off.38

Level 3
AbilitiesDescriptions# of souls  contributed to  the ability
Fear ToxinThis is the second form of fear gass, it now comes out in a bigger puff of smoke and stay in the air longer, if inhaled it puts the person that inhaled it into a state of immense and horrible fear.60
Nightmare Fuelthis is the second form of nightmare, it makes the user able to physically harm them in their nightmares but not kill them. They can cut them and harm them and the affects will take place on the outer world.65
Giant SwarmThis is the second form of swarm, it sends out larger more deadly version of the bugs, these thing are deadlier then their first form and if seen it is advised to wait till the swarm passes before attacking60
Oni's PowerThis is a ability the mask will teach him, it allows the user to become a oni. They will have immense speed, strength, endurance, agility and stamina. They can now shoot spike out of their palms and create Mojoto. Mojoto is a giant war axe that will absorb the targets strength everytime it strikes them, even if it doesn't touch them it will still take it's affects aslong as they are holding the object. How to break this form is by cracking the swirl seal on the back of his form. This useally takes atleast 5 strikes to break and no insta hitting the seal.75

The mask he wears is infact cursed, it makes the wearer have a sudden blood lust and sometimes will even take control of their body. It inhances the strength of the owner and will neevr leave the owner no matter what. He starts off with 20 souls.

Have you read the rules: Soul Go Lets Resonance

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Rebellious Nurse Crotic

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PostSubject: Re: Crotic Zarria   Wed May 07, 2014 8:17 am

Done and ready for checking!
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Crotic Zarria
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