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 Lucille Abigail Nicole

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PostSubject: Lucille Abigail Nicole   Mon May 05, 2014 1:03 pm


Nicole, Lucille Abigail
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Meister: Codi
Weapon Form:

Bow and Arrows || She turns into a silver and gold-detailed bow
Crossbow || Luci can also turn into a gold and silver-detailed crossbow
Soul Wavelengths || She shoots arrows made from either hers or her her Meister’s Soul Wavelength, these are piercing arrows. || They can be connected to her Meister by way of chain or string (also Soul Wavelength)-this cane be used as a trip or zip line.
Autonomous || She can fight alone, thought she prefers not to as she gets scared easily and may freeze up
Soul Resonance || Her arrows become larger and stronger, they shoot faster and become more accurate
Love Interest: N/A
Hair || About waist long || Bright blue || Long bangs that cover her eyes || Somewhat messy
Eyes || Startlingly red || Often hidden by her hair
Skin || A sickly pale color
Figure || Short, about 4’9” || Thin, weighing in at about 90 lbs || Sickly, she’s too thin for her own good || Weak || Looks like a little girl
Clothes || White dress about to her knees || She either wears a light blue ribbon around her waist, or the dress has golden designs on it, similar to her weapon form || Light blue flats
Kind || Luci is a kind-hearted soul who doesn’t like to hurt people, even when it’s necessary.
Non-judgmental || Through her own experiences, Luci prefers to never judge anyone by their looks.
Innocence || Lucille is a very sweet and innocent little girl, which has a tendency to draw people towards her.
Nervous || She’s very nervous about meeting new people, she’s scared they’ll toss her away and hate her once they see her eyes
Self-conscious || Luci is extremely self-conscious about her eyes, often averting her gaze and hiding them among her hair.
Shy || Luci is shy, and doesn’t like to speak up very often. She hides her opinions to herself, though she doesn’t have a need to
Fear || Due to her weak and frail figure, she is scared of anything that could potentially bring harm to her. Though she’s getting better at controlling her terrified emotions-usually around close friends-she  will still revert back to her old, stuttering and scared self when presented with danger or something horrifying. She is especially terrified of witches, no matter whether they’re good or evil.
Standing up for herself || After spending a year in Europe with her best friend, Luci started learning to stand up for herself and become less submissive, though she’s still fearful of most things.
Likes: Water || Swimming || Learning || Wide, open spaces || Nice people || Grass, || The sun || Daytime || Laughing
Dislikes: Caves || Tight spaces || Mean people || Anything scary || Nightmares || Nighttime || Darkness
History: Lucille was given up at birth to an orphanage. She had no idea where she came from or who her parents were, only that they were scared and couldn't handle a daughter. So she grew up in an orphanage, surrounded by other kids. They named her Sora, after the birds that flew near the trees.
But she was different from them, she could turn her body into a weapon. The others hated her, and cast her out out of fear. She ran away from the orphanage when she was 9, planning to find her own way in life. She wished to utilize and learn about her strange ability, as no one taught her about it.  But she had no money, and no way of making any either.
So she traveled around by foot, walking or taking the bus everywhere. No one paid her much attention, though most gave her looks concerning her strangely red eyes. Somehow she made her way to Death City after hearing rumors about it, and about the Academy. When she found it, she desperately wanted to join, to not be ridiculed by her odd talent. Now she knows she's not the only one with the ability to become a weapon, and she feels like she's found her place. Though she is still nervous about meeting new people, she tries to be friendly.
After joining the academy, she found herself a Meister and a friend. Leo Thooft and Skyler Violet Tanna. They took care of her, and didn't reject her because she was different. Soon after this, Luci and Skyler took a year-long trip to Europe, where the two weapons learned to fight with each other and alone. Now, Luci can fight on her own, though she is reluctant to as she is till very weak, despite the fact that she was learning to deal with her anorexia. While in Europe, she decided to rename herself, and get rid of her past. So she became Lucille Abigail Nicole, rather than Sora. She had put her past behind her, though the repercussions of such a lonely childhood still takes their toll.
Soul || Her soul is a light blue pinkish color, with a hint of red and a strand of hair flowing from the top
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PostSubject: Re: Lucille Abigail Nicole   Sat May 10, 2014 8:10 pm

I'll approve this~
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Lucille Abigail Nicole
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