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 Tamaki Chenso. The weapon cursed by fate? (WIP)

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PostSubject: Tamaki Chenso. The weapon cursed by fate? (WIP)   Mon May 05, 2014 8:05 am

Name: Tamaki, Chenso and “Demon”
Age: 8
Gender: boy
Weapon Form:Chainsaw
Miester: N/A
Appearance: Tamaki is built normal for a 8 year old, and is short. He has short spikey black hair, energetic firey red eyes, and pale skin. He wears a black t-shirt, and a black jacket, along with black pants, and black sneakers. He occasionally wears a smaller version of his father’s clothes, a tuxedo and a top hat. For weapon I’ll give a pic cause idk how to describe this:

Demon looks like a teenage boy, much taller than Tamaki. He is pale and has black short hair under his bandanna, he is also very skinny. He supports strange markings as a sign of his madness, which spread across his pale skin.
Personality: Tamaki is a normal kid. He is loving and loves to run around and have fun with everyone. Naturally when seeing love he freaks out claiming it’s gross. He also uses his powers to have fun to, such as hanging from the ceiling, or going faster than anyone else in class. However, unlike other boys, he doesn’t try to act tough, instead being himself. He loves all of his friend greatly, and would jump off a cliff after them. He, even though he is a kid, has gotten in fist fights with teens for hurting his friends or even a friend of his friends. He, even though his what has happened to his dad, talks about him as he was rather than his is, and still sees how former dad as a role model.

Demon personality varies, fluxuating with his madness. He is often cool and collected one moment, and angry the next. He has lack of control over his emotions, but seems to be able to keep his brain in enough check to be able to trick Tamaki to use the Black Blood at sometimes. He also sees himself as the son of Black Hatter, the embodiment of the Black Blood in Tamaki’s dad’s body, and the man responsible for taking him over. He often speaks of wanting to be with his father, retaining a high respect for him in all moods he is in. He is often pissed when Tamaki insults Black Hatter, and will get into arguments with him, but nothing more.  
Likes:  sweets, his friends, his mom, his younger sister.
Dislikes: love, his friends getting hurt, his friend’s friend getting hurt.
History: Born as the son of Gyo-gan Chenso and Elizabeth Thomas Chenso, Tamaki was born with much in his blood. He had two very rich family lines now in him, one being royal. He also carried the weapon blood of that weapon line, and gained the weapon form, same as his father, a chainsaw. He, although he and his parents don’t know it, he has obtained Black Blood from both parents, making his amount of BB and madness more than the average infected person. He was born and raised in Death City, having a normal life for a weapon. However there is one abnormal part. He is without mister, and thus prefers to fight without one. His madness, and use of the black blood has yet to surface, and the adults keep a close eye on him.
The son of two characters from the old site.
Inherited black blood from both parents.
Capable of 1st, seen in link by the only other chainsaw, below.
He is often watched over by Hademaru, a friend of his dad, who he refers to as Uncle Hade.
His sister has Black Blood too sadly.
Demon's eyes and markings appear when Tamaki uses BB.
Demon cannot form on his own, and must take over Tamaki's body instead.
Have you read the rules?
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Tamaki Chenso. The weapon cursed by fate? (WIP)
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