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 Raychel (Ray) Synboarder

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PostSubject: Raychel (Ray) Synboarder   Mon Apr 21, 2014 10:27 pm

(terrible digital art doodle go!!!)
Name: Raychel Synboarder
Age: about 15
Gender: female
Meister: N/A for now~!
Appearance: long black hair she keeps up in twin drill-style pigtails, with crimson eyes. She wears a black short-sleeved shirt with two cuts in the arms, nearly cutting off the sleeves themselves, with a Shinigami skull on the front and back. She has a red and black plaid skirt, with black boots and pink-and-black knee high stockings. She wears a chain necklace with a Shinigami skull pendant on the end, and mismatching gloves. Her left arm is actually robotic prosthetics, but she uses a sort of concealing glove-like thing to make it look normal. (May not apply to picture above.)
Weapon form: Ray is a bulky flamethrower-class weapon. Her exterior is white (with a few char marks). The flamethrower consists of one barrel from which the flames come out, a fuel pack meant to go on the meister's back like a backpack, and a protective mask worn by the Meister that attaches to the pack.
Personality: wild and slightly mischievous, basically. Pretty rambunctious, although not a notorious rule-breaker. She's usually not the goody-goody type, but she has compassion on those who are victims of Kishin Eggs.
Likes: her guitar, loud music, burning stuff, concerts, and mochi icecream~ (Ray: *faints*)
Dislikes: wimps with no excuse, tests, and strangely, she dislikes uncontrolled fire. See history for why.
History: When she was six years old, a Kishin Egg set her house on fire. Her parents rescued her, but they went back into the burning house to save her two little brothers. That night, the four of them died in the ashes. Ray was left an orphan. She would never forget the sight of such wild flames, the cries of her brothers as her parents pulled her out, the sirens of the emergency vehicles. That night, she caught a glimpse of the Kishin Egg that had done it, though the memory is foggy. When she got older, she vowed to attend DWMA to hunt down that single Kishin and destroy it, as revenge for her family. She's since then relaxed a bit, realizing that being serious all the time would get her nowhere in obtaining a Meister to help her on her quest. She's picked up a few hobbies despite herself, including her guitar. She has never forgotten her goal, however, and she has not planned what to do after she kills that Kishin Egg.
Other: (drew the flamethrower pic myself, so it won't be quite accurate...)
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PostSubject: Re: Raychel (Ray) Synboarder   Sun May 04, 2014 9:16 pm

Finally able to get some apps done. Approved!~

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Raychel (Ray) Synboarder
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