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 After Much Reflection...

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After Much Reflection... Empty
PostSubject: After Much Reflection...   After Much Reflection... Icon_minitimeSat May 03, 2014 10:11 pm

Note: I wrote this originally on the other SE site, but it deals with you folks as well (despite me not RPing as much on here as there).

This has nothing to do with the separation of the forum, the community, or the mods/admins that work on the site. No, indeed this has much to do with myself and my own interests.

I will first start off saying that I thoroughly enjoyed my time here. It was fun while it lasted, though I hardly RPed. I enjoyed giving themed RPing a try for the first time in my life, but I daresay I will attempt it again. The people on here were fun, interesting, and very welcoming (at least, in my perspective). I could easily feel myself becoming a part of an active community.

However, I cannot help but feel detached. I have RPed (off and on due to school) for four years on multiple sites, always doing RPs with a fantasy, sci-fi, realistic, or any setting. I love to come up with my own plot with its own twists and turns, with different powers and different realms. It's even how my dreams reflect my imagination: in worlds of changing colors, with its own horrors, its own monsters, its own heroes and villains (I have many strange dreams, to be honest). Yet I always do like giving new things a try, so I came here. It was a fun change, to say the least, to see how the site worked and how characters contributed and interacted with each other.

But, it just isn't my cup of tea.

It took me a week to realize this; a week full of stress, stomach medications, talks of ultrasounds, homework, anger, happiness, and much, much more of the roller coaster called "My Life". It was not enforced by others, but rather I kept turning my head back to what I loved most: fantasy and the random, mischievous ideas that fly into my head.

So, with a slightly sad smile, I bid all of you adieu. I am confident you will all build up the site again and the Cleaning will surely make this place more attractive to incoming RPers. I hope that we will someday meet again on this wide space called the Internet, be it in or outside of RPing.

Good day~


P.S: You will definitely find me roaming my friend's RP site dedicated to Fantasy roleplays with Umbra (a close friend of mine). And don't hesitate to talk to me whenever you get the chance~
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After Much Reflection...
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