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 Aplistia "Greed" Klevo

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PostSubject: Aplistia "Greed" Klevo   Wed Apr 30, 2014 5:27 pm

Name: Aplistia "Greed" Klevo
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Weapon: His weapon is a sword cane with the symbol of a dragon on the top of it. The cane is about 4,5 in size and the blade itself is 4'0 inches.

Appearance: Aplistia is  has jet black hair, he has black eyeliner along his eyes and his nails are painted black. He has a tall frame and is fairly thin, he is about 7'2 in height and he has one red eye and a eye that is pure black. ((This is all i'm really going to put cause his picture shows enough i feel))

Personality: Aplistia is a very greedy Kishin egg all he thinks about is having everything in the world and even then he would want more. He can get really angry when he doesn't get what he wants, he is very smirk and he is a major asshole. He loves taking whats not his from gold to souls he loves to have them all on occasions he will even keep the souls in his treasure room with all the other items he stole from others. He when not stealing he is killing anything in his sight but still even when doing that he is stealing the lives of those he kills. When he doesn't want to kill he is useally seen at chupa cabra's stealing the hearts of the women that work there, he is a pretty calm and collected guy too when it comes to getting what he wants he can eaisly word his way into a friendship with someone.

Likes: Greed loves gold, he will take anyhting that is shiny and will sometimes even take other people and keep them in a dugeon. He loves the sound of agony and of course a well played piano, he likes to take things that is not his and will often rob stores. He occasionally has a habit of flirting and he likes that habit. He loves spicy food and also souls cause he likes their taste and will enjoy them if given one.

Dislikes: Greed hates it when people steal from him he will not care if you kill one of his servants but that is technically stealing from him so he will attack you. He hates it when he breaks anything that is his but he will get over it soon enough. He hates looseing to someone that he assumed was weaker than himself. And most of all he hates the sins Envy and Wrath with a passion

History: When he was five he was a very greedy child he would take things from his parents and other siblings but that was only the beginning. When he was 10 he was stealing more things but this time from other people from stealing from stores to stealing the clothing off of other people and than he got an idea why not he have there souls aswell. His first kill was when he was 11 on his birthday it was like a special birthday present from the person he killed to him, he had followed them all the way to their home and then when they were in their home he killed them, than he stole everything in the house. Once the soul was back in his treasure room he decided to steal more souls but he would never eat them for he still did not know wether or not he wanted to. At the age of 20 he killed his own parents and siblings souls, storeing them into the treasure room they had begun to get suspicious and worried about him they shouldn't have. Now we go to the view to one of his personal journal entries from age 20 to --

Entry 1: "So i have finally done it i have killed my parents souls along with my dear brother and sisters soul i'm still deciding if i should eat their souls or not. I shall go out again tonight stealing more and more souls, i love killing everything for it's just so fun to see them scream before they die."

Entry 2: "I have just gotten a few new souls to add to y collection so far i have 15 souls it's not enough it will never be enough nothing will ever be enough. I have been thinking still if i should try and eat one of the souls ive heard what happens to people that do my mind is telling me no but my body is telling me yes all that power i would get it makes me shiver just to think about it."

Entry 3: "I have decided to eat the souls all of them i could feel their energies rushing into me it felt amazing made me shiver all over in delight, when i ate the souls nothing seemed to happen but than i felt a painful sensation in my back and before i knew it i had grown scales on my back along with some spikes on the line of my spine."

Entry 4: Three years has passed since ive eaten those souls i have forgotten to post in these entries till i remembered last night, every since ive went back to collecting more souls though now i seem to collect them with much more ease like takeing candy from a infant. Though i continue to store the souls i still enjoy myself and eat atleast one or two of them the pleasure of them still runs through my body everytime. Today is my birthday seems i have no one to celebrate it with cause i killed them all...oh well i guess the citizens of death city will give me plenty of gifts today.

Entry 5: It has now been one year, i have moved from death city but i occasionally visit. I live in a castle in europe now where all my loved items are kept. I have upgrades to be done to the security but it won't take long to do so. I have found some lovely servants as well. Seems they would die for me, i like that i'm actually glad to have slaves, i mean servants sadly i'm writeing with a pen but meh. Any way i have collected more souls on my journy to europe. The servants keep the castle ncie and clean, those who disobey me are sent to the dugeon to right their wrongs.

Entry 6: I have gone for a visit to death city, i shall do these visits daily all i have to do is ride in the private jet i "Found" such a short flight for me but anyway, i'm sure they missed me. Shame i didn't find the jet when i was comeing to my new home, would ahve been way faster.

AbilitiesDescription# of souls needed
Mineral ShieldHe is able to pull minerals from the ground and form them into a shield that will protect him against oncomeing attacks. This can only be used when there is earth exposed on the ground.5
Limb transformationHe is able to transform his arms and legs, they can be formeed into a strong sort of metal that is able to block on comeing attacks but if hit hard enough it will shatter but leave his arm unharmed. He will then half to wait ten minutes for it to work again (aka 3 posts). but it only works for one limb, he is working to upgrade this. He can move his arm freely as well as if they are his normal limbs10
Whats your's is mineHe is able to make anything that is steel, copper, iron, and gold, come to him. The items will float around him and can be used as projectiles, this is mostly used for stealing from atm's and ect.15
Third eyeGreeds relexes are increased to where he can react with amazing speed and counter whatever attack is flung at him. This is good when used with his limb transformation for he can quickly block attacks but the downside is if he is attacked from different sides his reflexes go slower so it is best to attack him in a group and fast.25
MultiplyHe is able to make multiple copies of himself but only two, this other form has the same abilities as greed himself but he has the same personality as greed and will often turn on himself if given the chance30
TendrilsHe is able to make four tedrils appear out of his back, he can use them at high speed faster than a blink of an eye the bad part is that the tendrils ahve a weakness against sharp objects but they can reform but not that fast.35
Limb transformation 2Now he can transform two of his limbs into the strong metal except is is reinforced and harder to break. Again if hit hard enoguh it will shatter btu it will take 10 minutes for it to reform or (3 posts), it still has the abilities of his first form of this but now he can make his fingers turn into claws. 40
Your wildest dreamsThis will make people see everythign they have ever wanted in their mind, and will only allow them to break from this dream if they conquer their greed for whatever they wanted. While this vision happens they will be unable to move leaveing them easy to attack. If they avoid his gaze they will be able to not come over the magic. 50

-He can speak about every language known to man-
-His vision in his black eye can be enhanced if his other eye is closed and he can see in the dark.-
-He has started off with 19 souls-

Have you read the rules?
"Let's Go Soul Resonance!"
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PostSubject: Re: Aplistia "Greed" Klevo   Sun May 04, 2014 8:41 pm

honestly, my only issue is the comment about languages right now. the soul count might be a bit low on wildest dreams, but you have it a weakness. The languages make little sense for a 24 year old. Also, you should make his written appearance a little longer.
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Aplistia "Greed" Klevo
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