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 The Scythe of Greed Desco

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PostSubject: The Scythe of Greed Desco   Wed Apr 30, 2014 3:01 am

Greed is the worlds true beauty.

Name: Desco
Alias: Thieving Blossom
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Weapon Form:
A large, elegant looking scythe called the Blossom Scythe. The shaft of this weapon extends outwards to about the length of it's holders arms. Being a vividly portrayed aqua green color you could easily tell why it is consider a blossom. If you traveled further up the hilt you'd notice that a strange rose like orb had been there the orb had been surrounded by a abysmal black assortment of decayed eyes of sort as well. They seemed to have contained it as well.

Not to far off from that beautiful affliction would be the actual blade of this weapon. It were a black shade tainted by pink pigment . In fact it would seem that the blade had fragments of a scarlet in it as well. Wave like formations were scattered across the blades edge along with a single Triforce like symbol. The symbol itself were a light grey, and seemed to be the most prominent feature of the weapon itself.

Unlike other Scythes this one had been quite different. For just below it's shaft were something resembling a ammo chamber. Yes the scythe had also doubled for a sniper rifle of sorts. The clip curved inward, and would barely be noticed by anyone. As for where the shots were fired the top of the shaft itself possessed a small hole where each bullet exited. By folding the scythe down one could also use the weapon for close combat as well. ISN'T it great?

Miester: N/A

Desco is 5'2 feet tall from the feet up without shoes on. With them she gains a extra in height to her height making her 5'3. The child's skin is a lighter form of brown pigment. Almost a darkened orange if you will.(Killer Bee's color) The child possesses slender bodily figure that allows her to seem slim, and agile. When honestly she really wasn't. The child's hair were a raven black that simmered vividly throughout any light that dawned onto it. Nit being tied in any way shape, or form the girls hair freely cascaded down her back stopping just under the shoulder blades. The tips of the females hair were dyed a violet purple color as well. The girls face resembled that of an infants to some degree. Well that is if you compared her cheeks to an infants,which they did happen to resemble. So you could only vision them as being plumb, and Round in that manner. Her facial features were quite awe inspiring l, but the girls eyes were her star attraction you could say. Because of her familys traits they had developed another shape entirely. The pupils of her eyes would take upon the shape of a triforce symbol. The symbol itself took the place of her pupils, and were a violet purple shade.

The females outfits usually lacked coverage. However that would be highly looked upon by the many village elders that are always watching. So she has chosen to wear a gothic skirt of sorts. It acted as if it were a dress, and possessed the ordinary features. It stopped around 2 inches above her knees allowing the ruffles it had to be seen. The dress itself were a raven black with grey trims. She wore a grey rose within her hair as well. This rose had no odd giving other than the tri force symbol in the center of all it's petals.

Soul Appearance:
The soul of Desco would take on ordinary form just as everyone else's. Once it has been flustered, or activated it shall surround the body of her or, her meister when in weapon form. Taking the form of a dim yellow the girls soul slowly emerges from him, and enlargement within a few seconds. Being a circular sphere as it does so. Across the surface of this sphere would be a lotus flower that sat at it's very top./i]

[i]As the name would apply you'd most likely assume Desco to be a heartless tyrant? One who robs the rich, and poor. Well you'd be absolutely correct. However you'd be forgetting one important factor. Her eye of beauty. Desco just loves anything, or anyone who is shiny. Whether you be covered in oil, or a diamond to her your free game. This usually gives her a exemption in most crimes as well. Or maybe that is because of her low attention span when not focused. Either way she is fairly scatter brained.

As far as using people to her advantage goes Desco seems to have it on point. By using her womanly charms to woo mean to help her. Maybe those men should actually be in jail for attempting to fall under the charms of a little girl. It would seem that Desco had once tried her charms on women, and failed. Because of this she simply adores other girls to some extent. Meaning The younger the better. So maybe she is the pedophile here? Either way at least she isn't crazy!!!

Ever since childhood Desco has had a thing for gems, and objects of high value. From paintings to shoes the girl wanted it all. So instead of sitting back, and wanting it she always takes action. Never really wanting to do much except steal, and then eat. Maybe she is the apparition of Greed, and gluttony after all?

*Young Women ~Coughs~
*Touching people
*Young men
*Being touched
*Not being a witch


The Red Queens. A name given to the members of an ancient thief coven . They have been called the most established link to the true blood line then all the rest. The selected few who were actually said to be related too the goddess Ameratsu herself. These theives were a isolated faction of the world, and allowed only few people to join them.Desco grew up in their program. In a manner of speaking you could say she was raised to be the leader of them. Even at birth the young girl had been hand picked for her incredible amount of talent. It flustered even after been born. At some point in time 5 years after birth Trinity were given over to the Red Queens by her parents.

They held no obligation to the young girl going off to train under these ruthless murderous swine. To them maybe the Red Queens had been better suited to raise children. They couldn't have been more wrong. During the 7 years of being with the Red Queens Desco had been put through terrible feats. They had taught her the ways of a their skills. Insteade the child focused on study, and hunting down the many Zodiatic Creatures running among. Yes kinshin and other creatures.

Belonging to no faction Desco had already been on her own. No help. No parents. Nothing except the Red Queens. This were her life throughout all this time. That were until the Red Queens attempted to assault one of the Zodiatic Creatures. This left the Desco alone, and forever unlikely to survive. However she lived on the streets for years. Learning the ropes, and looking for help. However no one gave her a second glance. Nothing except cold shoulders, hateful glares. That is when she decided to change everything. No one would harm her any more. Nothing should have been that way. This were also around the time she found out about her weapon form as well. It had also been the reason she gained the name "Thieving Blossom".l, or maybe it was around the time she got adopted. She may have been a weapon, but that didn't mean she had been entirely evil. Fore Desco's new family had been rich beyond all comprehension. Attempting to take advantage of this Desco killed off her newly found parents. Along with this her grandmother,sister,brother,aunt,uncle, and even her twin cousins were set adrift. Devouring their souls she escaped her guilt by leaving the riches alone.

*The red Queens had also trained Desco in martial arts.

Have you read the rules?
Does Soul Resonance really rule?[/center]

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PostSubject: Re: The Scythe of Greed Desco   Thu May 01, 2014 9:53 pm

Bump I suppose.
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PostSubject: Re: The Scythe of Greed Desco   Sun May 04, 2014 8:03 pm

The big problem is all the glamour. It just makes so little sense. Please ditch the more nonsensical things like eyes with 3D triforce in them, and all the glittering weapons. Did you ever see an SE weapon that was half as glamorous. It's far too much glitter. To the point that isntead of sounding glamourous or beautiful, the whole characters seems painfully gaudy. And some of them, like the triforce eyes, just seem somewhat controversial, and I I am going to ask other staff about that. Because something seems off there.

Quote :
When it comes to souls Desco has one of the most beautiful. I think that is if your vision of beauty is correct. Once it has been cluster enough the females soul will arise around her partner. At first the soul will be no more than a few rose petals that float downward slowly. As they reach the ground however the petals would seem to cause it's surface to ripple. Eventually these strange hands will sprout from the ground, and spiral upwards before disappearing. This will leave only a small Orb to surround the measured, and weapon. The orb will be a glamorous purple color, as well. The only thing special about is the numerous nails that seem to impale it.

This needs fixing. That's not remotely what an SE soul looks like. it's a sphere with some accents. not fluttering rose petals and hands. It might be a soul that has a few rosepetals fluttering around it, just like Steins has that screw, or Meduca's has those snake-vector arrows. But that's just too far out there. Normalize it please. No ones soul does that kind of them then settles into an orb. This needs attention.
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PostSubject: Re: The Scythe of Greed Desco   Mon May 05, 2014 12:36 am

XD Alright no I've fixed the gaudy Desco up.
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PostSubject: Re: The Scythe of Greed Desco   

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The Scythe of Greed Desco
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