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 Penthesilea Amaya

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PostSubject: Penthesilea Amaya   Tue Apr 29, 2014 11:19 pm

Name: Penthesilea Amaya
Age: 17
Gender: Girl
Weapon Form:

Main Weapon || Being an assassin’s weapon, Lea has multiple forms. Her main one is two spikey blades connected by a chain~See picture for reference
Katana || Her second main form is a long bladed and hilted katana. The hilt is made of a dark purple material with lighter violet diamonds. The blade is long and silver. Written on the end in fancy script it says “Never Give up Without a Fight.” The sheath is the same dark purple as the sheath, with a lighter purple ribbon wrapped around the middle. Written in red on the sheath it says “A Blade is your Greatest Ally.”
Shuriken || Her third transformation is a decently large (not as big as Tsubaki’s) Silver and red detailed shuriken.
Sai || The fourth form is a red and pink, three pointed sai
Knife || Her fifth and final form is a long, jagged dagger with a red and black detailed hilt
Love Interest: Yami Hoshi
Meister: Who knows~
Hair || A light pink that fades to dark purple towards the tips || Long, almost to her waist || Generally a ribbon is tied into one part with a beautiful lily
Eyes || Large || Wide set || A dark, faded blue color
Skin || Somewhat pale || Flawless || No tattoos or piercings
Figure || Tall, about 5’8” || Slim, but with some meat on her bones, about 130 lbs || Lanky || Long limbs and delicate extremities
Clothing || She usually has dark pink ribbons wrapped around her body and in her hair || She wears a light pink corset-type shirt || Black skirt reaching just above her knees || Dark pink flats || Sometimes she’ll wear shorts and a pink tank top
Straightforward || She’s very straightforward and will often speak her mind. She isn’t afraid of embarrassing herself, yet she’s also kind and understanding towards others
Social || Lea absolutely loves meeting new people, especially boys
Calm || She has a strange tendency to remain calm, even in the most frustrating of situations. Few things can make her truly angry, but when they do, being in the vicinity is not a good idea
Protective || Lea is protective of those younger and weaker than her, she will often drop every ounce of worry about herself to protect someone in danger
Likes: Training || Friends || Talking || Reading || Shopping || Days off || Good grades || Boys
Dislikes: Non-productivity || Awkward silences || Being ignored
History: Lea was born on the streets of Death City, and her mother died right after she was born. The baby didn’t cry, nor did she scream or kick or anything. She was a silent baby, even when she was injured she never made a sound of pain. Even when she tripped and fell, she never cried. It wasn’t until 3 years of age that her and her father figured out she couldn’t feel pain. She learned to talk early, around 10 months.
Her father tried his best to take care of her, but found it difficult as he was broke and couldn’t hold down a job. Lea did her best to help him help her, she would aid in stealing food and money from the more-fortunate. She was discovered to be a weapon when, at age six, she was shocked by a young woman. The woman had startled her, and she accidentally turned her hand into a blade, stabbing the young woman inadvertently. She died, leaving six year old Lea with the burden of murdering someone. Her father was ecstatic-after they dealt with the young lady’s death-when they discovered her abilities, and immediately decided to enroll her in the DWMA. He believed she’d have a better life there.
Lea was withdrawn at school, not wanting to talk to people for fear of harming them. She believed she was a danger to herself and others. It wasn’t until her second year, after she learned to better control herself that she began to make friends. She enjoyed having friends, they made her feel welcomed and loved. So she became more social, talking to more people and gaining new friends for herself every day.
Now, she was obsessed with training. She rarely stopped her training regimen, which consisted mostly of agility and running. She would practice climbing the DWMA and the surrounding buildings until she was almost monkey-like, and able to land from high heights like a cat. She isn’t the best at fighting alone, but she can do it if the need arises.
She’s happy at school, but thinks about her dad almost every day. She hasn’t’ seen him in three years, and wishes she could find him. But every time she goes out to the city, she can never find him. It wasn’t for another half a year that she got word from him. It was…a will. No, it was two wills. One was from her Grandfather-on her mother’s side-who’d died recently and had left the Amaya’s a mansion. The second was from her father, who had died shortly after her grandfather. It left everything in his possession to Lea, which included the mansion on the West End of Death City. This shocked Lea so much. She’d never lived in more than a one room apartment, and now she had a mansion all to herself. It took a while till she was ready to actually move into it. She did eventually though.

Congenital Analgesia || Lea has this mental disorder that prevents her from feeling any sort of physical pain. This is both a strength and a weakness, as she doesn’t have to stop to whine about a wound, but she doesn’t know when to stop and might work herself to death
Soul || Her soul is a beautiful pink color wrapped with ribbons
Mother || The reason she’d never known that her grandfather was rich, was because her mother never mentioned him. She didn’t want his help, she was too independent for such a thing. And so the Amaya’s never asked their rich grandparents for money

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PostSubject: Re: Penthesilea Amaya   Tue May 06, 2014 1:27 am

Looks good. Approved!

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Penthesilea Amaya
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