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 Monster Hunter Kishin Egg Faction

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PostSubject: Monster Hunter Kishin Egg Faction   Tue Apr 29, 2014 9:41 pm

So this is an idea I just came up with. Basically, an unknown witch tries to make contact with another dimension, sealing away several souls and essences from the animals there into a crystal or orb or something. Whoever attempted to resonate with the object would be gifted with the essence and soul of one of these beasts but, in an attempt to absorb multiple beasts, the witch's soul was ripped apart. Someone finds the object, absorbs one of the spirits, and goes town to town trying to recruit people in search of power to follow him in exchange for one of the spirits.

Here's how the whole thing would work. The characters in this group would be entirely new Kishin Eggs. Once someone absorbs the monster's essence, they automatically go Kishin because they're also absorbing a "Pure Soul" (because Kishin don't exist in that world).

The Kishin would immediatly start out with the ability to turn into the monster they're based off of from the game and gain their skills as they eat more souls. HOWEVER for the sake of balance, each monster form has to have some crippling weakness to keep them from being overused. For example, being extremely vulnerable to wavelength attacks, becoming increadibly slow, losing their intelligence to the point of being distracted unless the enemy attacks first, increasing their vulnerabillity to bladed weapons, etc.

Maybe the monster forms could start out with smaller-scale abilities the human form has yet to gain. Like the Royal Ludroth Kishin would be able to shoot water blasts in their monster form, but wouldn't be able to do it in their human form until 30 souls. Then both forms would gain much more powerful water blasts. IDK because it would have to be balanced out a bit, but it could be cool.

Other than that, I was thinking it might be good to allow one male and female character from each type of monster so that if someone takes the Barroth and goes inactive, another person can still use it and have a kind-of different interpretation of what abilities it could have, just as the opposite of the first person.

Also, it might be cool to have their new names after joining the order be a broken up backwards version of the original monster's name. Like Gigginox would become "Xon Iggig" or have the Lagiacrus Kishin be known as "Surc Aigal" or "Su r'caig Al". Might get a bit confusing if 2 people have the same monster but different genders, but it would ne a neat way to come up with unique names for the characters.


EDIT: Some general ideas of monsters that exist in the game that could make a pretty good character. I havn't beat the game so IDK about some of the last few big ones except for Dire Miralis, but this should help for now until I can start linking pics, stats, and other information that could inspire some neat abilities. Skills gained from the monster's armor are left out for now in the sake of fairness to the monsters who's armor abilities I can't remember right now.

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Monster Hunter Kishin Egg Faction
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