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 The Azure Knight,Nightmare

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PostSubject: The Azure Knight,Nightmare   Tue Apr 29, 2014 7:37 pm

Name: Nightmare(Real name Siegfreid Schtauffen)
Age: 536 years old(He looks 23)
Gender: Male
Weapon: None

Appearance: True to his nickname,Nightmare is indeed a rather monsterous being.He stands at 8 feet and is clad in dark blue knight armor.His prominent feature is his right arm, which has been twisted and transformed into a large three-digit claw whose flesh overlaps his entire right arm and shoulder.The claw, having stretched over and eaten away at his chest plate, possess  a rudimentary jaw lined with sharp teeth both on his shoulder and chest.It is capable of picking up a man.His eyes are a demonic yellow with black pupils.However,they tend to glow a bright red when angry.The helmet is styled in a arcane way and at its forehead lies a horn.Under his armor,however,Nightmare is rather,atleast,slightly handsome.His skin(minus his demonic arm) is rather pale,but seems burnt.His teeth are fangs and are very sharp.His hair is short and dark blonde in color.

Personality: Nightmare is a truly malevolent person.He seemingly cares for no one and is fearless(quite literally).When angered,he usually goes on a rampage,killing anything in sight.He also seems quite comfortable when talking about dark topics,such as death and torture,and seems to be very blunt when doing so.He also seems downright brutal in battle,often showing no mercy.However,he does have some sense of honor,often letting those who are a worthy match live and letting weaklings(that actually try to beat him) to continue training,in hopes of fighting them again.He even perfers even-matches,going far as to back out a match if the person he is fighting is fatally ill.However,this is not always true,and may still try to kill them if he deems them a threat.It should also be noted that,due to being in a dormant sleep for centuries is VERY new to modern day technology and is still learning.When it comes to love,he says that 'He could only love someone if they manage to survive him'.By this,he means in combat,perfering a strong mate.

Likes: Destruction,death,darkness,madness,sleeping,strong opponents

Dislikes: Arrogant fools,people who think are better then everyone else,sushi,

History: Siegfreid during the Late Middle Ages,close to the end of them.He was a average townsmen,young,happy,fit,and handsome.He was a farmer and despite having no family,was never alone.However,this ended soon.As some may guess,there were masters of the sword,some sadden by the lose of the knights.One,however,made a irrational plan.Soon,Seigfreid went missing.The master had kidnapped the child and forcibly taught him the art of swordsmenship.While being taught,the man heavily abused him,trying to 'toughen' him up.Siegfreid easily hated him.One day,the man,as smart as he is,brought him a soul.How he got it or how he even knew what he was is a mystery,and forced Siegfreid to eat it.This went on for sometime,the madness mutating him slightly,causing his right arm to become...unatural.
Siegfreid became enraged and slaughtered the man.However,he was not through.

Still angered,he went back to his small town and went on a rampage,killing every living thing,then burning it to the ground.Dubbing himself Nightmare,he set forth.His rampages gave him some fame,enough that a witch became interested and searched for him.When found,she approached him with a gift.Azure armor,fitting of his size.Giving it to him,she asked if he could work for her.In response,he slashed at her and began another battle.The fight went on for sometime,Nightmare not even tiring.The witch,desperate,set a spell on him.He will remain in eternal slumber until touched by another witch.Casting the magic,he collapsed.

Centuries passed,the spot where he lay becoming a forest.Now,a young witch,wandering through the forest found him,believing him to be a dead golem of shorts.She touched his back,whipping some moss away.Slowly,he returned to life and stood,his dim eyes once again glowing with previous,unsated fury.He murdered the young witch,not caring if it was the same one or not and set off on a new quest.

Madness OrbNightmare sends out a short burst of madness around him body,which is able to block various attacks(pushing away physical ones) and is able to knock opponents off their feet if to close.This is purely a defensive move ment for physical attacks. Starting Ability
Devil's EyeNightmare generates a giant(big as him) spiraling, ball of hellfire and then fires it at the opponent.It is hot enough to melt skin off bone and is highly resistant to water.However,it is easily dodgable.Starting Ability
Soul Edge(Phantom) A sword made entirely of Nightmare's madness, Soul Edge is a corrupt weapon,a foot bigger then Nightmare,and very sharp.The sword itself is able to easily block magical and soul based attacks and even radiates with Madness once Nightmare becomes serious.It is very heavy,making it very hard for anybody to use it if they don't have Nightmare's brute strength. 60 Souls
Demon Form Due to the quantites of madness in his body,Nightmare has began morphing into a different appearence.Nightmare seems to have degraded into a body of dark energy. What was once flesh has now fully transformed into a compound of metal and bone. The mouth covering the chestplate from before has split open around his entire waist, connecting the legs and torso with a torrent of evil energy. The armor appears fused to his claw and much more metallic in appearance(Basically his Soul Calibur 4 look).This makes his body much more stronger and have higher defensive capablites.100 Souls
MalfestedAfter seeing the weapon of a person,Nightmare nobely "loses" and seeming summons a the same type of weapon of the user,except looking much more newer,stronger,and overall better.However,what really happened is that Nightmare gave them a version created by Madness which,by 3 threads of the person using and/or having the weapon on their person,becomes driven with Madness.When they finally succomb,the Weapon takes on a more demonic visage and,if the person uses it onward from that point and becomes a kishin egg,may mutate them in a similar fashion to Nightmare the more souls they get. 150 Souls
CheatedIf horribly injured or close to death,Nightmare is able to transfer his soul to that of a fresh corpse,allowing him to live.While he retains his abilities,he does not have his physical prowess and will not be able to lift Soul Edge.He slowly mutates back to his former self,the mutation finishing by 3 threads.While in the new,unmutated body,he is unable to use this ability until he is fully mutated.Also,the corpse must not be too heavily damaged. 190 Souls
Soul Edge(Complete)Soul Edge becomes even more mutated and corrupt,gaining a slightly organic appearance.Not only has its defensive and slicing capablities have increased,but it is also now able to channel Nightmare's madness into people as long as some of the blade is in them.200 Souls
Reality of MadnessUsing his now immense Madness,Nightmare literally cracks the air with a punch and sends devastating shock waves through the air in the direction it is facing.Because of its enormous offensive power and great quick speed, this attack makes for a very good defense, able to destroy or disrupt any attack before it hits Nightmare.However,it has a severe recoil,causing the arm he used to go absolutely limp for the next 7 posts. 250 Souls
Entity Of Destruction Nightmare's final mutation where he adopts the name 'Night Terror'.Night Terror appears as a hulking armored beast vaguely resembling Nightmare. What was once azure armor and flesh has become a combination of armor and bone with an orange/red sheen. The helmet area has grown and developed a large crest-like shape and the muzzle-covering area has been removed to reveal a lipless mouth with long teeth shown and its eyes are a beady yellow. At the center of its chest is a glowing core of energy which spreads throughout its upper body. In place of hands are a pair of giant claws and in the "palms" are fully functional mandibles although this does not appear to hamper its ability to wield a sword in the least. Lastly, a slightly long tail has sprouted from the base of the spine area. Flowing from its back side are a pair of large, fiery wings made of Madness,enabling flight.His defensive and raw power has increased immensely.Even Soul Edge has gone under it's final transformation.It now appears quite boney and is has multiple horns and even razor sharp teeth,befitting of Night Terror's visage.However,what comes in power leaves as the mind.Night Terror,while capable of thought,finds it very hard to think and do things other then kill everything.Thus,he is capable of taking on a humanoid form.It is black in color and bares Night Terror's numerous markings.In this form,he regains his lost intelligence,only to lose his immense physical power.None the less,he favors this form and is almost always in it.Night Terror Human Night Terror along with Final Soul Edge 300 souls

Other: His voice is the same as Soul Calibur 3's Nightmare.

Due to being trained so long ago,he is a skilled swordsmen and has surprising strength and agility.

He often berates those weaker in battles.

He is not to far gone to adopt a apprentice.

Have you read the rules?


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PostSubject: Re: The Azure Knight,Nightmare   Mon May 05, 2014 12:00 pm

This character has been suspended until the staff has dealt with the flood. Feel free to keep working on it so it can be approved afterwards!~
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PostSubject: Re: The Azure Knight,Nightmare   Thu May 15, 2014 8:41 pm

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PostSubject: Re: The Azure Knight,Nightmare   

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The Azure Knight,Nightmare
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