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 Jessie! ^~^

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PostSubject: Jessie! ^~^   Tue Apr 29, 2014 4:55 pm

Name: Hastings, Jessie
Age: 226
Gender: Girl

Animal Form: Jessie’s animal is that of a simple ferret. Oddly enough, she assumes such forms often. There is no specific species or even coloration she favors, taking on any coloration possible for a typical ferret, and occasionally using colorations that are simply not possible or normal, such as green and black fur.

Weapon: Witches can use weapons. If they don't have one put N/A.

Appearance: Jessie, despite being a total of 226 years old, has quite youthful looks, looking roughly between 16 and 20. This is due, quite simply, her being a witch.  Her looks are typically ranging towards the 16 area according to most people, due to her soft facial features, and general appearance. Jessie stands a total of 5 feet 6 inches tall. She weighs a total of 145 pounds, and has a soft let semi-athletic build, though her features are too soft and curvy to really show such. She doesn’t have the much sought after hourglass figure, nor does she posses gigantic breasts, they are average. Jessie isn’t a model by any means. She isn’t the perfect movie star, and in a way, she is happy with that. She has a Chocolate brown hair, not too dark nor too light, a nice medium brown. It matches the color of her eyes. Her eyes are more luminous than most humans,  enough to add a sort of mystery to her face without making her witch nature clear or even suspicious. Jessie’s hair is roughly shoulder length, and style depends greatly. Her skin is white, and it is perhaps her best trait. While overall she is average, her skin is better than average by a sizable amount. She has no scars or brithmarks. Her skin is soft without being dry or oily. She doesn’t have freckles or moles. If there was one physical trait that stood out, it would be her skin.

Jessie’s preference for clothing is fairly feminine. She mostly wears skirts or dresses, but dons comfortable jeans occasionally. She rarely exposes an immodest amount of skin, and prefers to be somewhat modest in that regard. Her clothing colors can vary to a great degree, but are often whites and her medium chocolate brown. Jessie has her ears pierced, in which she wears a variety of jewelry, depending on her mood and such. Jessie only rarely wears additional jewelry, aside from a feminine watch in her hair and eyes shade of medium chocolate brown. She does, however, frequently accent her accent with ferret parts. Frequently these are ferret ears and a tail, but it’s not at all uncommon for her to assume half ferret half human forms, or even go entirely ferret. She is happy and feels comfortable in any of her forms.

Personality: Jessie is a fairly interesting girl in that she is, like all people, multifaceted. She has a great curiousity towards all things, and is more than open to asking questions, sometimes ones that might be awkward to other people, or even personal. However she is more than able to tell them they don’t have to answer. But she tends to carry about 2 dozen questions with her wherever she goes, and is not bothered by being asked an awkward question most times, as long as she is allowed the same liberty. She likes answering questions almost as much as she likes asking them. In addition, she can be quite silly and goofy, and in the process, pretty childish. In the end though she is usually pretty cute when doing it, however depending on your personality you may find her very annoying. She is able to have fun playing with kids, but some can wear on her. Despite her age, she is also pretty ticklish. Jessie, part of being a witch, is a bit of a thief. She steals food most often, but isn’t afraid to steal other things if she needs them or really wants them. She makes her living as a mixture of their/burglar and thus far a general traveler.

Jessie is also pretty giving and comforting, and she loves to help for the most part. She loves being of use to other people and is more than happy to comfort or give aid to others. When it comes to combat she is happier to avoid combat if at all possible. However when it is not possible to go around or avoid it, she prefers stealth tactics. When it comes to offense, she prefers ranged offense. Things that help her maintain distance between herself and the foe(s). She rarely takes anything seriously, and combat is the only thing that can really get her to be serious. That said, despite not being evil, she can’t quite grow to like an organization who actively hunts and kills her own kind, and despite her not being evil, anything that kills her kind isn’t something she can get behind. Jessie has yet to really form any kind of money or mansion, in fact, she lives a fairly basic life Migrating from place to place most often. Jessie, despite being a witch, has a quirk in that she enjoys pretending or being someone else’s pet, and can get quite content doing so.

Likes: Jessie loves animals and semi-cloudy days, and fruit of all kinds, excepting squash, zucchini, and similar fruits. Jessie’s favorite color is white, and her favorite food is pears. Swimming and general outdoors activities are her favorite pastimes.

Dislikes: Loud music, raw spinach, Yelling, cruelty, and arrogance.


Jessie was born, typically enough, by a witch and warlock. She was raised from a young age constantly around magic and witches. Magic wasn’t something rare and mysterious, like a human child would think, but something common and everyday. Jessie was raised in frequent contact with witches, to the  point that she saw other witches, aside from her parents, almost daily. So it was little wonder that her nature came to her more quickly than some witches. Her powers started manifesting themselves in noticeable ways around 5, and that was the first time that she ever assumed her animal form. Oddly enough she had been grounded, stuck in her room. In the end she somehow managed to get herself turned into a ferret. Needless to say being locked in her room was significantly less boring after that revelation came. In the end that day she ran around exploring her now gigantic bedroom waving around furnature. She rolled around and had a good old time in that form. At the end of her stint in the bedroom her parents found her and had a talk, at the end of which she was turned back.

Now this talk wasn’t about explaining what she was, it was mostly about “your magic is too uncontrolled, I’ll need to teach you to control that.” And oddly enough, that was all that the highlight of the conversation. Jessie was a quick study, mostly because she liked that form and it amused her. As such, she learned how to do that faster than any other spell or magic. But in general her learning progressed well, and having magic just be a common occurrence in day to day life only helped her be familiar with it, and learn it easier. On top of that, she also learned normal subjects such as math and important history such as that of Shibusen and other such details. A lot of it she found boring. She didn’t get the hate for death and his meisters. Jessie grew up learning a lot about magic. But it was at the meager age of 18 that she moved out on her own, despite not having to. Her parents were getting involved in stuff she didn’t care about, and if death or his school came she didn’t want to go down for something she didn’t do.  But more than that she wanted to explore the world, and have some fun.

She had spent those years really going nowhere. No real travel other than to witch related events. Jessie struck out on her own. Though she quickly found herself without money, alone, and hungry. Needless to say she had never received ethics lessons, so she immediately set about learning to properly steal. A valuable skill on it’s own. Pick pocketing and picking locks are useful skills to have. And that was largely how Jessie made her way. She stole food and money to purchase things like food, and rooms to sleep in. She was a terrible thief at first. But apparently people were reluctant to beat a girl black and blue, and any colors in between.  So she need get scolded frequently, and a time or two spent the night in jail. But as she rarely stayed in the same place twice she never really got a great reputation as a thief, because she moved around, never staying in a town for long. In the end she managed to spend her time traveling around the world, rather than staying in one place. She visited her parents when she was in the area, but that was only about once every 6 or so years at best.  Years of living without a home have given her lots of usefull information, and she has learned to pay attention, how to pick locks, and many valuable skills for stealing and the like.


Hidden Ferret Jessie will chant here mantra and concentrate her magical energy, coating her body with it, and anything she is wearing, carrying, or anyone she is in direct contact with, like holding someone’s hand. After this, she and the above things will become invisible until she dispels it. While this lasts a good time and doesn’t rapidly wear out, it also has a much longer mantra, making it harder to use in direct combat.Ferret Ferret Sneaky Ferret, Ferret Ferret Hidden Ferret, Ferret Ferret Stealthy Ferret, Ferret Ferret Unseen Ferret.
Silent FerretJessie will chant here mantra and concentrate her magical energy, coating her body with it, and anything she is wearing, carrying, or anyone she is in direct contact with, like holding someone’s hand. After this, she and the above things will make no sound when walking, running, talking, breathing, stomping, shouting, etc. until she dispels it. While this lasts a good time and doesn’t rapidly wear out, it also has a much longer mantra, making it harder to use in direct combat Ferret Ferret Sneaky Ferret, Ferret Ferret Hidden Ferret, Ferret Ferret Stealthy Ferret, Ferret Ferret Silent Ferret.
Flashy FerretJessie will chant a mantra and gather some magical power into a single finger, before pointing it. From her finger will launch fireworks, flying high into the air or at whatever she points her finger at. They will keep flying for around 3 seconds, but by prolonging the mantra and repeating it, she can shoot magical fireworks for as long as she wants. The fireworks are a variety of colors or types, depending on what she wills. While they can ignite things if she points her finger at them, at close range they are more likely to blow up the object. When shot into the air they are harmless, but make a great distraction. While the fireworks shoot from her finger, they leave no sign of where they came from , leaving no flaming trail and whatnot. This makes it possible to not give away her position.Ferret Ferret Flashy Ferret.
Scout FerretJessie will say her mantra and cover her body before making a copy of herself. This copy is intangible, and can’t perform any spells. However it copies her clothing and whatnot exactly, even anything sh is holding. This clone also is under any effects that the real Jessie was under when she created the clone. It can’t attack or even physically manipulate objects. But being intangible, it can go through walls and doors, etc. unless a magical barrier or something similar blocks it.  This clone lasts for 3 of her posts excluding the post it was created.Ferret Ferret Scout Ferret, Ferret Ferret Watcher Ferret, Ferret Ferret Spy Ferret.
Burglar FerretJessie will chant her mantra and channel magical energy into her finger, before pressing it into any lock, which will unlock it. By continually saying the mantra, she can keep the effect active.Ferret Ferret Burglar Ferret, Ferret Ferret Lock Ferret.
Transforming FerretJessie wil say her mantra and coat her body in magical energies, before changing her shape and appearance. This is used for both transformations within her animal form, and minor alterations like changing her hair or eye colors, or the color and pattern(s) of her ferret form. It is also used to fuse the two, becoming part ferret and part human.Ferret Ferret Changing Ferret.
Calling FerretJessie will say her mantra before calling out in a ferret voice, creating ferrets out of magic. The amount created varies, but generally 3 per time the mantra was repeated. These can be somewhat useful, but are most often used for playing around. Ferret Ferret Calling Ferret
Other: Jessie generally travels by flying around. She flyes on a broom like objet, only it’s colored white and chocolate brown, with a rounded tail for carrying small things in. She also has a Familiar which takes the form of a Chocolate brown ferret with white spots.  His name is Garret, and it has the unique ability to transform into a much larger version, that of a horse sized ferret. Jessie often rides him in this form, and he will often take on this form himself to defend Jessie. The only other magical ability he has is to run literally on the air, as if running on a solid surface.

Have you read the rules?
(Let’s Go Soul Resonance!)
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PostSubject: Re: Jessie! ^~^   Sun May 04, 2014 9:34 pm


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Jessie! ^~^
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