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 Causper Verte

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PostSubject: Causper Verte    Mon Apr 28, 2014 8:16 pm

Name: Causper Verte
Age: 16
Gender: female, although is on occasion mistaken for a boy.
Weapon Form:  As a weapon, Causper becomes a long whip with a slight purple glow. This form is basically a series of linked chains with an iron ring on one end and metal handle with a pointed end on the other. This form is called "The Goddess's Chain" which Causper inherited from her mother. The purple glow takes on acidic properties during soul resonance, which she is hesitant to use against living creatures.
Appearance:  Causper has deep blue eyes and short-cropped black hair that she inherited from her father. In fact, the majority of her outward appearance came from her genetic father's side of the family. She isn't exceptionally tall, but neither is she shorter then average. Causper is slight of build, very athletic, and very flexible going along with her weapon form of a whip.
Personality: Being raised by her father mainly, Causper is fairly masculine - her mother taught her enough that she had the basic feminine skills such as how to present her appearance properly as a woman - and knows the manners you'd expect a noble's heir to possess. She has never been fond of people in general, choosing to study with her father rather then go out to parties and other events. Because of this she choose to become a "social exile", not letting her self be abused but not letting herself be seen most of the time.
Likes: Shakespeare, chocolate, classical music, ice cream.
Dislikes: overly-extroverted people, skirts and dresses, people paying for her.
History: Causper was raised by her father in the countryside of Australia for the first seven years of her life. After that she and her father moved to Death City in North America to stay with her Aunt for a few years. In the third year Causper and her father were living with Causper's aunt her father fell ill and died a year later. She moved in with her mother when she was twelve, and started learning her mother's trade - being a weapon. Attending a normal human high school then learning fighting techniques from her mother when she got home. For the most part, the two different versions of her life never crossed, she grew up as a normal teenager - learned how to drive, learned basic high school classes, and avoided human interaction when she could. When she turned 16, Causper was sent back to her Aunt's house to enroll at the DWMA at her mother's request. Causper aspires to one day reach the rank of weapon her father did, and have the ability to fight evil without depending on a meister.
Other:  Causper always wears headphones and is constantly listening to music unless she is banned from it by a teacher in the classroom. She also has her father's sword with her at all times despite not knowing how to use it.
Have you read the rules?
"Let's Go Soul Resonance"
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PostSubject: Re: Causper Verte    Sat May 31, 2014 4:21 pm

The famous Causper is finally complete!! >:D

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Causper Verte
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