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 Jeager Holland

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PostSubject: Jeager Holland   Sun Apr 27, 2014 5:26 pm

Name: Kress "Jeager" Holland

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Weapon Form:

Miester: Vanouri Holland

Appearance: Jeager's appearance resembles that of formal nature, which is abnormal since he had been left to die on the streets. How he remained in a pristine and healthy condition is unknown, yet he only lived by the dollar everyday. He has white short hair going down to the tip of the collar of his coat. His eyes are white with his skin matching in an albino tint. For his clothing, Jeager is mainly seen wearing a charcoal black attire, nothing more. His coat that he traditionally wears is of the color black, trimmed with golden linings. Underneath his coat is a gray formal shirt with a black tie accompanying it. Black dress shoes finish his appearance in accordance to his style of clothing.

Personality: Jeager's personality is more dark in nature, portraying a neutral-evil alignment. His careless actions tell out his persona to be a ruffian, who desires the idea of battle. He craves for battles but his formal manner makes up for this. He acts more mature and responsible yet only cares for himself. His adoptive father made him act caeless and thieving, along with hints of mischievous gestures.

Likes: Fighting, parties, and thieving

Dislikes: Good nature and dogs

History: Jeager was born a year before his sister, Vanouri. He was born to a witch-blooded mother and a weapon-blooded father, and separated from his sister at birth. When he was at the age of 4, he was given special wing tattoo, along with his sister. Jeager's wing was on his right shoulder in the color of black on his right shoulder, while his sister has a white wing on her left shoulder. This process nearly killed him and his older sibling, yet the parents thought that their son was dead, so they tossed him away. However, Jeager survived, living his life on the streets as a thug, a ruffian. Afterwards, a man of unknown origins takes in the abandoned child and raises him as his own, in a more dark part of the world, away from the spotlight of civilization. Over the years, Jeager had lived a life of cruelty and crime, thieving and fighting. But his adoptive father had taught him some form of maturity and responsibility. At the age of 18, Jeager finally rose to the world and began to show himself within the DWMA, on his own terms. Soon, he will meet some new friends and enemies he never knew he had. But one thing remained on his mind to this very day; Who are his real family?

Other: Jeager tends to act formal yet cocky at the same time, intimidating others most of the time just for fun.

Have you read the rules?
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PostSubject: Re: Jeager Holland   Sun Apr 27, 2014 6:54 pm

Alright, good full character with plenty of space to develop!~

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Jeager Holland
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