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 Fish Genocide [Open]

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PostSubject: Fish Genocide [Open]   Sun Apr 27, 2014 2:50 pm

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO THE FISH!?" the cook began to filet a fish, clearly enraging Blobella as she chased after him with a filet knife. "HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE FILLETED HUH!?" the man screaming in terror but the girl was swiftly upon him and stabbing him repeatedly. "YOU DON'T. KILL. FISH. OR. COOK. THEM. THAT. IS. FINAL!" she spoke to the rhythm of her of her stabbing...which brought people around her to freak out like she was Godzilla ugly. It wasn't even the murder that attracted people, it was how hideous she was. She noticed it was mostly older people so she knew that it wasn't the naive, youngsters that worshipped her fishiness. Sighing, she walked over to the dead fish and cried, looking left and right before stuffing it in her clothes. It would have a proper burial later on. As she traversed through Tokyo, she found a fish market....And all the fish were dead. Dropping to her knees she cried endlessly, enraged by the atrocity she had seen today. "NO! NO THIS IS NOT RIGHT! BLOLALALA BLOBFISH TURRET!" the next thing people could see was 15 blobfish imitations flying about and crashing into people, exploding and taking the normal humans' lives. She was so angry that genocide was occurring to her beloved fish...if only she could meet the one that had once embraced her. He knew love, he knew passion, he knew she was beautiful....to him. But now she has to watch as all of her fish lie dead in front of her.
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PostSubject: Re: Fish Genocide [Open]   Tue Apr 29, 2014 1:25 am

Eijin has been watching for quite a awhile now and,honestly,he couldn't stop snickering.First of all,the witch was stupid enough to walk around without soul protect.Second,she killed a cook all because he was cooking fish(he had a chuckle-fest during the chase) and finally,she was ravaging a small market,filled with fish.Oh great KISHIN it was hilarious to the little doll-like entity of madness.However,Eijin being Eijin,he grew bored rather quickly and floated to the witch,seemingly undetered by her ugly looks,given he really couldn't say much.He gently tapped her shoulder,restraining his madness."Why....hello beautiful.."He said in a loving and seductive voice.

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PostSubject: Re: Fish Genocide [Open]   Thu May 08, 2014 5:03 pm

....Chaos, misery, and panic. Just my cup of tea. I, the Never King, watched the fray from a small table, sipping my tea. The meeting between two evil villains! Always vital to a story. Of course, a third factor in these situations always made things more interesting to read. Hence, my existence. Rising, I walked over to the Witch, making sure to grab and gulp the souls of those she killed along the way. "Greetings, Clown, Witch. Quick question, you seem to be fond of fish, correct? Do you count dolphins as fish, or are they fair game?"

I then gave a grin, my mouth filled with tiny, sharp teeth. Most people said I looked odd, inhuman. Bah, 'human' was subjective in this setting. I was fairly sure I had MOSTLY human DNA, at any rate.

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PostSubject: Re: Fish Genocide [Open]   

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Fish Genocide [Open]
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