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 Paz The Black Yin

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PostSubject: Paz The Black Yin   Sun Apr 20, 2014 12:15 am

Name: Paz(Real name Kazuhiko Nobuyuki)

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Weapon: None

Appearance: Paz is a average sized man.His hair is a lively orange in-contrast to his grim personality.His finger-nails and toe nails are velvet,however,this is their natural,healthy color.His eyes are purple,with rings surrounding them.It is thought this represents the magentic field.He has mutlipe piercings all-over his body.Thing is,these aren't piercings,but metal magents growing of his body.They are rather small and black in color,but have a very strong magnetic field,being able to levitate at will and attract metal.

He wears a large black robe with red clouds.His pants are a rather light/faded blue and he sports sandals.He wears no shirt under the robe.He wears a ring  on his ring finger on the right hand.The rings bares the kanji for 'Pain'.He always has a calm,emotionless expression on his face and speaks with a equally emotionless voice.

Personality: As a child,Paz was a kind and sensitive boy and was prone to crying.He was tramuatised by the idea of killing another living being in-general,even if it was to save his friends or family.As an adult, after losing his siblings, his personality became very different, having become a calm, arrogant, delusional, dead-serious, aloof, stotic, melancholic, and detached man. Apparently believing traumas he experienced in his youth had enlightened him to the true meaning of pain and suffering, he considered himself a enlightened being, and believed he had evolved beyond a mere human being. He sought to show the world the meaning of pain by using an ultimate weapon to deter future wars, by means similar to "mutually assured destruction", and showed no moral qualms about his actions.In the end,however,he failed.

When the last of his siblings died,he blamed the arrogance and stupidity of humanity.This is what started his now ruthless nature.Despite this,he is actually rather respectful to others if they show mutual respect.He  has no more morals,thus,he is capable of cutting down  a young meiser without second thought.

His love and desire for peace,however,is rather admireable.Though he sought to create a superweapon,this was merely to scare countries into getting along,which wouldn't have worked.He is also rather caring to those he deems as 'allies',going as far as to settle the quarrels between them,give respect when it is due,and actually care for their well-being.He also seeming has a soft spot for the helpless and utterly poor,often 'leaving behind' money.

Likes: Peace(Yes,he is that dull)

Dislikes: Arrogance(that exceeds his),ignorance,people not able to accept the truth,traitors,abusers,rapists,slavers.

History: Paz came from a rather poor family.He lived in a apartment throughout his childhood with his six brothers,all of them being twins.They never had toys or even a TV,they only had a radio to use for entertainment.They would go out and beg for money or food,just trying to survive the end of the day.Their father was a hunter who made little profit due to the rent and their mother was a very sickly woman,having caught somekind of disease.Paz was the 'middle' brother,not the oldest but not the youngest.He kept the others in-line despite being so sensitive.Their elementary school was run-down and had poor supplies,so most of them never went to school,but Paz did,he got a education.

He was the top of his class,easy learning reading and writing,surpassing math,and mastering science.They even let him skip grades due to his smarts.His family was obviously proud of him.His brothers,seeing his talent,gave him the idea to impress people with his smarts,giving them hope in their little run-down neighborhood.The brothers were amazed by his intelligence and openly showed them off,aweing passers-by,making them give money out of amazement.One day,Paz was begging on the street alone.His brothers were helping to clean the house.A man strode up.Paz did his usual routine and began speaking of quantum physics.The noise attracted his father,who wan in the living  at the time.He came out and watched from the doorstep.The man smacked Paz right on his face."Disgusting!"He yelled as Paz fell to the ground,crying and rubbing his injured cheek.He father instantly grabbed his rifle and ran out.As the man prepared to strike again,the father came and pointed his rifle straight at the man's head.

"Leave my little boy alone.."Paz's father said threateningly,his eyes forming into a death-glare."How can you even stand this wretched thing!"The man yelled,causing a scene as people began watching.The main reason why the man was so enraged was because he was a cultist of a certain group who believed in religion and not any form of science,to the point they get...violent."That 'thing' is my son and if you don't get off my property I will put a window into your head!"The father replied back,his finger ready on the trigger.The man remained unfazed and brought his hand down.Paz shut his eyes,waiting for the stinging pain.It never came.There was a very loud 'BANG' that rang his ears.Once the ringing has stopped,he creaked open one eye.There laid the man,laying on the ground,a hole where his right eye use to be,bleeding.Paz was slightly horrified but the feeling went away as his father picked him up and brought him into a embrace.Paz cryed into his father's chest as his father comforted him.He glared at the gawkers."Same to you to,don't hurt my boy or I'm going after you."He said simply as he held Paz in one hand and his gun in the other and returned inside.A day later,to help heighten Paz's spirits,his father brought him a puppy,a young one at that.The little creature licked and cuddled with Paz,making him happy once again.
Years passed since that day,and Paz became fully aware of the racism of the world very quickly and alerted his brothers.

He is 17 now and is passing college without question.He has his own house that he shares with his brothers.Their father passed a year ago while their mother lives in the house also,now a sickly,old,but kind women.It was graduation,and his eldest brother came.The others at home,cleaning and taking care of their mother.As the graduation ended and his brother walked onto the stand to congradulate Paz,a gunshot was heard and the brother fell to the ground,his violet eyes now dull.Paz was horrified and everybody ran in confusion and fear.Paz picked up his brother and ran to his house.He was to confused and scared to think logically.What he saw shocked him.Their stood his house,set ablaze,black smoke rising from it.Paz yelled out his brothers' names.No reply.He yelled again and heard a quiet "Here".Luckily,there was no fire at the door,so Paz rammed the door down and looked.He found his younger brother under some rubble,his long hair made it easy for Paz to identify him.Next to him stood his dog,the first pet he ever had,trying to pull his brother out.

Paz went to him and helped.He slung his brother over his shoulder and ran out."Where are the others?"He said frantically."They....they didn't make it.."His brother responded."Where's K-"His brother was cut off by a bad cough,but Paz knew what he about to say,"He  got shot!"He said,tears in his eyes.The house suddenly collapsed in on itself,making the brothers look at their now destroyed home.Paz brought his brother to the hospital.He died a week later due to inhaling to much smoke.Paz was alone.He had no family.But there as Kyu,his dog,who stayed by him the entire time.Paz sobbed and held Kyu close who,in-turn,moved into his touch.

Now at age 23,Paz has locked away his emotions.He knew why everything was so bad now.The racsim,the hate of humans and witches.Hate and differance of everything.The stupidity of humanity.That was the reason there was so much death.Paz wanted peace,to end the suffering.However,he planned to do it in a unorthidox way.He entered a Yakuza base hidden in the slums of town,killed the leader,declared himself the new leader,called himself by the alias Paz and ordered to find the whereabouts of the most powerful witches,weapons of both kinds,and kishins.He had a plan.By stealing the technology of laboratories,he planned to fuse powerful entites together to create a superweapon,capable of destroying a entire nation with one blast,to scare the hate away.Soon enough,he began drawing out the blue prints of his plans so the production of his weapon can start.However,as time progressed,he soon saw this his goal was rather....far-minded and gave up.

Ironically,not long afterwards,policemen entered his base and attack.
Paz battled 20 policemen with his subordinates at the same time,though he easily defeated them,using his superior mind and combat savvy to his advantage.Paz,however,began to formulate a new plan.Oh yes,Paz has something in mind.

Powers: Paz can generate electricity at will from his body or from his metal growths on his body.This electricity is special,hence,he is able to manipulate and mould it freely.

The metal growths on his body are powerful magnets which let out a constant yet small electrical force.He can levitate/'fly' at will and attract metal to him.A down side of this is that the electrical field of the magnets react badly with water,slightly shocking him if he comes in contact with it.Thus,he avoids the rain.

Other: He is pansexual

He is quite a unforgiving person

He cares little for the so called Good and Evil of the world

It seems that he is capable of keeping the ever growing Madness inside him at bay....for now

Expert at close-combat,knowing multiple fighting styles.Excellent tactician
and psychological warfare artist

Fears nothing

Can easily manipulate others

Is immensly patient

Can go days without food,water,moving,or even blinking

For some reason,he sometimes becomes extremely horny for no apparent reason.
Have you read the rules?
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PostSubject: Re: Paz The Black Yin   Tue Apr 22, 2014 8:01 pm

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Paz The Black Yin
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